Testimonials from happy SoundBites and Strung usersTestimonials  
  Testimonials from happy SoundBites and Strung users      

Daniel from California - on SoundBites

Just wanted to send you a quick email and say Thanks! I have been using this program for our campfires and it has made my job much easier. In fact there are a couple of other groups that I have passed the program information on to as they are really amazed by it!

Scott from California - on SoundBites

I was looking for a free/inexpensive SFX player for an improvisational theatre production in San Francisco, and ran across your site via Google. Downloaded your 30 day trial and am very impressed. I’m also active in a large Halloween community here in the USA spanning both East and West coasts. I’ve shared the link to your site with a few of my email lists in that topic, I expect you’ll see some activity from them. You have a really great, well-thought-out product. Great value for money and well done!

Check out Scott's theater group. The Un-Scripted Theater Co. www.un-scripted.com

Jamie from Dallas USA - on Strung

I'm glad I found out about your program. Now I can re-learn guitar the proper way, and I'm glad I can do it at my own speed and in the privacy of my own home. Again, thanks

Jamie is the inspiration behind SoundBites. We wrote it originally for her circus www.nojoesclowncircus.com

Jamie again - after a problem

I just wanted to say thank you, and your team, again SO MUCH! Thank you all for putting up with me and my crazy ass computer, and returning my questions so promptly. You guys are really smart! I don't think I could have gotten better service from anyone else.

'Punk boots' from USA - on Strung

Thank you for creating this great tool. I hope to make good use of it.


Your program is perfect and the right price.

Daniel asked us for a particular function that we were able to include in the 2.2 update. He also suggested some improvements that are now included in 2.3


'Matjaz' from France - on SoundBites

I am a sound-effect master at the students' drama play of Sartre's Behind the closed doors. I have been using your SoundBites V2 for the first public performance of our group and I must say it is a very easy-to-use program - nice work!



Scott from Worthing UK - on SoundBites

I used the trial version of Soundbites back in January 2010 for pre-recorded announcements, music and sound effects for a live production for charity. The software proved to be very reliable and simple to use. I decided that Soundbites was so useful, and fits the purpose for my needs so well, that I would buy a copy for use with our next production.


Zac from UK - on SoundBites

Thanks, that's brilliant. I used it for the music at a party I arranged for my mate's 21st. I pre-recorded some 'announcements' that brought the house down when I triggered them. I only intended to use it once, but now I want to buy it.

Matt from UK - on SoundBites

I must say, its a fantastic piece of software, something I’ve been after for some time. I want this software forever, its so good.
Opening night of the show last night, went amazingly well.

Cheers guys
Thanks for all the support
Matt Jones

Matt helped us to recognize the need to run SoundBites 'As administator' on Vista and Windows 7.