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The Strung guitar processor is a full featured guitar simulator, tutor and musical tool with advanced functions designed to help you get the most from your instrument. If you compose music, play the guitar or bass, or are thinking of learning, Strung 1.1 will be able to help you. Register V1.1 now and get a free upgrade to V2 when it is released in July 2011. Download the Strung guitar emulator NOW



Strung guitar emulator now only £10  
Strung V2 tab reader coming soon. Register V1.1 now and get a free upgrade to V2  

Download a fully functional 30 day trial of Strung 1.1 for free. Registration is now only £10.00 (approx $16) and is carried out via PayPal. Registered users will receive free updates for life.

  • Open up to 20 fully configurable and re-sizeable virtual fretboards
  • Choose from right or left handed 6 string guitar, 4 or 5 string bass
  • Show the fretboards from player or audience viewpoints
  • Re-tune fretboards to any alternative tuning and pan the strings to different speakers
  • Show the harmonic points all the way up the neck
  • Graphic equalizer to change the tone of the guitar
  • Chord generator with 66 chords in each key (or create your own)
  • All the scales you'll ever need, including modes (or create your own)
  • Photos of all the most commonly used chords
  • Up to six different fingering diagrams for each chord (or add your own)
  • Create chord sequences and arpeggios to play along with
  • Transpose entire songs to a new key quickly and easily
  • Keyboard and musical notation displays
  • Input chords or scales from your midi keyboard, see them on the virtual fretboards
  • Guitar tuner and Metronome built in
  • Lessons for beginners
  • For Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit only)